ТОП-15 самых популярных звезд Instagram в Эстонии: кто они и почему их так любят?

ФОТО: Скриншот Instagram Томми Кэша

В Эстонии пока не нашлось никого с миллионом подписчиков, но скандальный Томми Кэш активно стремится к этому и является номером один по числу подписчиков в этой соцсети. Кто следует за ним? Давайте скорее узнаем! Среди них есть как блогеры, так и спортсмены, модели и артисты.

1. Томми Кэш

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tag a friend for good 2020 @iliyaprusikin

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Happy new 2020 year our lovely friends ? ??? #myMoon #ny #happynewyear

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3. Анна Овсянкина

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С любимыми ❤️✨?

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4. Анетт Вельсберг

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5. Отть Тянак 

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6. Life of Boris

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7. Ragnar Klavan official  

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8. Alisa Tsitseronova 

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9. Grete Klein  

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10. Керли

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Dear Moon Children…It’s been a wonderful, expansive year of diligent work (both internally and externally), and lots of light hearted fun while at it all. I was wrapping it up in my head and wanted to leave you with a few thoughts that seemed to resonate the strongest during the past 13 moons. As I take it a bit lighter on social media for a minute, I thought I’d leave it here for your contemplation: ➕➕➕The only thing you can control is your connection to yourself and your God (if you have one). Everything/everyone else is fleeting and unpredictable.➕Becoming more of who you are is largely about un-becoming what you are not.➕Don’t be afraid of empty spaces, both internally and externally. They are where the potential for newness lies.➕Our external reality stems from inside us, therefore, If one wants to change their external reality, one must change their insides. That can be done peacefully and patiently, without adding unnecessary suffering.➕Receive life as it is, resistance is futile.➕Energy is finite, use yours wisely.➕Love is unconditional, relationships are not.➕People seriously interested in growth, need to be comfortable with complete change, and dying internally before their actual physical death.➕Suffering is universal, compassion is freedom.➕Fun is to be taken seriously. Life is short.➕Asking questions is far more interesting than answering them. There is no expansion in listening to your own opinions.➕Life is constantly changing. Getting stuck in suffering or holding on to past pleasure will multiply your suffering.➕Declutter. Less shit, better shit. Goes for everything.➕Judgment creates negative karma. What you judge, you will experience.➕Some people aren’t looking for solutions, they are looking for problems. That’s fine, but you don’t need to be a part of it.➕Let it all go, see what stays.➕Positive outlook and gratitude are a choice, a practice and a commitment.➕Spoil the fuck out of those who have proven themselves to be your ride or die. They are few and far in between and deserve the royal treatment in your life.➕Continuation in the comments...

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11. Лийс Лемсалу 

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12. Катри Катс

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Naughty and nice #happyholidays ?

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13. Олег Боганн

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14. Геттер Яани

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Olen nii õnnelik, et mind on õnnistatud sel aasta maailma kalleima kingitusega! Aasta 2019 kuulub kindlasti minu lemmikute hulka! Aitäh ühe väga ilusa ja tähendusrikka aasta eest! Nüüd, aga oleme vaikselt valmis võtma vastu uut ja super ägedat aastat! Mulle saadeti täna üks eriti tore soov mida tahan ka teiega jagada! Kohe algab reis aastasse ✈️ 2020? Teie pagas ??peaks sisaldama ainult hea emotsiooniga suveniire aastast ?2019? Reisile lubatakse: Headus ? armastus ? tervis ? õnn ?hingerahu ? edu ? kaunid hetked ? Reisi pikkus on 12 kuud ❄??? Kinnitage turvavööd, järgmine peatus on “KÕIGE PAREM AASTA” ?? Soovin head reisi kallid! ???? #december #31 #london #newyearseve #withmylittlefamily

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15. Мария Раннавяли 

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ur average family christmas card(s) ??? // ilusaid jõule!

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